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When Katethysia founder Kate Austin-Avon was very young, living with her parents and sister in a small town in Vermont, she had a special place in the woods that she claimed as her own. It was called Katethysia. It had two bouncy-bounce trees, the main tree hiding place, a hole where a frog lived, crabapples, and balance-keeping trees. She would go there often – sometimes to play, and sometimes to get away and be alone in nature. The name was derived from Terabithia, the fictional place in the book Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson.

In later years as a teen, Kate went through some deep soul-searching and researched many religions. She then used Katethysia as a religion she defined as “Whatever I feel like believing in at the time.” Religion to Kate is meant to be a la carte, with any number of selections chosen from any religion, rather than a package deal. Over the years it has developed into what she believes to be a series of indisputable truths; something anyone can subscribe to and make their own. It’s not necessarily in conflict with any major religion – or science, for that matter; rather gathers them together to highlight the underlying truths.

This website is not meant to make conversions or to bash or disrespect any religion. It may not be anything new or revolutionary. It’s just meant to be a platform to share these ways of thinking in hopes that they strike a chord in others.

It’s just whatever Kate feels like believing in at the time.

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